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Bamburgh Village – is a stunningly attractive small Village set on the Northern stretch of the Northumberland Coast. It is without doubt dominated by its magnificently striking Castle that can be seen for miles around, giving the whole Village a somewhat dramatic feeling. You can’t fail to be impressed by the sheer scale of the Castle once you are up close and in the Village itself. There is much to do in the Village alongside the Castle and it’s amazing history, there are impressive stretches of pure golden sandy beaches, many ‘proper’ English tea rooms and restaurants, St Aidan’s Church and a newly renovated museum dedicated to Grace Darling, amongst other things

The Castle

Spanning nine acres of land on its rocky plateau high above the Northumberland coastline Bamburgh is one of the largest inhabited castles in the country.
Explore the castle and discover more about this iconic building by clicking the different areas with your mouse. The great fortification of Bamburgh Castle sits on an outcrop of volcanic dolerite. Known locally as whinstone for the sound it makes when hit by a stonemasons hammer, it provides a natural throne upon which the castle sits forty five metres above sea level.

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